French-FriesRecipe Of French Fries :-

Hi, i am here to tell you the Famous Recipe Of French Fries. Whenever you want to eat Frnch Fries you have to go to restaurants & pay heavily for it just because you don't know the recipe of French Fries.

No need to worry, i am always there to help you. You don't have to
think a lot, what you have to do is just to follow the instructions & tips written below & serve hot & tasty French Fries.

Ingredients :-

  • 1 Bowl Potato Stripes (potatoes should be kept in a bowl of water).
  • Salt according to taste.
  • Red Chilli Powder according to taste.
  • Chat Masala according to taste.
  • 1 Bowl Water.
  • Oil For Frying.

Recipe :-

1.) Firstly, take water in a bowl & add salt to it.

2.) Put the potato stripes in water & keep the bowl in freezer for about one hour.

3.) Heat oil in a separate pan & deep fry the potato stripes until color changes to golden brown & they becomes crispy.

4.) Take them in a mixing bowl & add salt, chat masala, red chilli powder & mix well.

So, your delicious French Fries are ready. Serve hot. Eat with tomato ketchup if you want. In case you find any difficulty in making French Fries just comment below. We are always there to help you. Keep visiting. Enjoy.


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