Brownie :-

Hi friends, today i will tell you the instant Recipe Of Brownie. It will be prepared in just 15-20 minutes. Yes its true, now you don't have to go to restaurant & pay heavily for it. What you have to do is just follow the below written steps & prepare the Instant home-made Brownie & eat
fresh & tasty Brownie.

Ingredients :-

• Dark chocolate 100 grams

• Refined flour (maida) 1 cups

• Baking powder 2 teaspoons

• Walnuts,peeled 1/2 cup

• Butter 130 grams

• Sugar 1 cup

• Vanilla essence 1 teaspoon

• Milk 3/4 cup

• Oil for greasing

Method :-

1.) Mix flour and baking powder and keep aside.

2.) Chop walnuts. Grease a round microwave dish.

3.) Combine chocolate and butter in a large microwave bowl.

4.) Keep it in Microwave for one minute.

5.) Beat it in sugar, vanilla essence and blend well.

6.) Add the sifted flour and nuts and mix well.

7.) Add milk to correct the consistency of the batter.

8.) Pour the mixture into a greased bowl.

9.) Place the bowl in microwave and cook, uncovered, in Microwave for seven minutes.

10.) Allow standing time of five minutes.

11.) Take it out of the microwave. if it comes out clean it is done.

12.) If not, cook, uncovered, in Microwave for two more minutes.

13.) Place on wire rack to cool. Cut into squares and serve with tea or coffee.

So,there you are with your Delicious Brownie. I think it is very simple recipe. But if you still find it difficult to make it just comment below. Keep visiting for more such delicious recipes. Enjoy.


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