Beetroot Sauce
Beetroot Sauce
Beetroot Sauce :-

Well today a variety of sauce is available in the market. But you might have not heard of the Beetroot Sauce. It's recipe is very simple & it can be prepared in just 2 minutes. You just need to follow the steps given
below & serve it with any Snack.

Ingredient :-

  • Boiled Beetroot paste - 1 bowl.
  • Honey - 2 tablespoon.
  • Black pepper - 1 teaspoon.
  • Salt - according to your taste.
  • Vinegar - 1-2 teaspoon.

Method :-

1.) Take boiled beetroot paste in a pan & heat it on a low flame for 2 minutes.

2.) Now add honey & mix well & cook for another 2 minutes.

3.) Now add black pepper & salt & mix well.

4.) Now add Vinegar & turn the flame off.

5.) If the mixture so obtained is thick you can also add water.

So your Beetroot sauce is ready to serve. You can serve it with tikkis & various snacks. So don't wait just notee the recipe & make Beetroot sauce in your kitchen. And if you have any questions & for your feedback just comment below. Keep visiting Enjoy. 


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