Aam Papad :-

I'm sure that in your childhood, you might have eaten the tasty & delicious Aam Papad. Have you ever thought that one of the most tasty & delicious thing that you ate many times in your childhood can be made
very easily at home. So today Food Factory is going to share this Yummy recipe of Aam Papad with all of you. So just take a look on the below recipe & try it at your home.

Ingredients :-
  • Mango - 500 grams.
  • Sugar - 2 tablespoon.
  • Cardamom - 2. (Peeled)

Method :-

1.) Peel the mangoes & cut into pieces.

2.) Now Take mango pieces in blender & mix sugar, cardamom & make fine paste.

3.) Now take the mango paste in a pan & heat it till it comes to a boil.

4.) Now grease a plate with ghee & pour the heated mango paste to form a thin layer.

5.) Now keep it in sunlight for 1-2 days. If the sunlight is sharp it will complete in 1 day otherwise it'll take 2 days.

6.) With the help of a sharp knife cut into squares or your desired shape.

Your Tasty home-made Aam Papad is ready to eat. Keep it in a air tight container. However after tasting it you cannot stop eating it & finish it very soon.

How To Make Spicy Aam Papad :-

You can also make Yummy Aam Papad with a spicy taste at your home. You just have to add the below ingredients before boiling the Mango paste & the rest of the process is same as normal Aam Papad.

  • Kala Namak.
  • Kali Mirchi.
  • Ginger powder.

So now, as you also know the recipe of Aam Papad, just try it at your home. Either Spicy or Normal any type of Aam Papad you want to make just make it & Eat it with your Family. Also don't forget to shhare this recipe with your friends. For any suggestions or questions just comment below. Keep visiting. Enjoy.


  1. I am a fan of spicy food, and this recipe of aam papad looks really simple and easy to make. Just wanted to know how much of the Kala Namak, Kali Mirchi, Ginger powder, can be used to prepare the spicy version of this aam papad?