Shrikhand :-

Hello, friends, in this season of summer, i thought of posting a recipe of a cool dessert Shrikhand. You might have heard of this dessert & eaten it too. But you don't know it's recipe. So don't worry i am here with the recipe of Home made Shrikhand.

Ingredients :-
  • Curd - 1 kg.
  • Powdered Sugar - 3/4 cup
  • Warm Milk - 1 tablespoon.
  • Saffron - few strands.
  • Cardamom powder - 2 tablespoon.
  • Pistachios.
  • Almonds.

Method :-

1.) Hang the curd in a muslin cloth overnight to drain all the excess water and until only solid curd remains.

2.) Dissolve the saffron in the milk & add to the hung curd.

3.) Now add powdered sugar & cardamom powder & blend with the help of hand blender.

Now your Home made Shrikhand is ready. Garnish it with pistachios & almonds. Serve it chilled. It is a very good substitute to Tea or coffee in summer. So it is a very refreshing recipe & is prepared in just three easy steps. So don't wait just try it once, & you'll love it. Keep visiting, Enjoy.